Sun reports three-week old poll as news, hopes no one notices

Polls are already voodoo science to a large degree. A crutch for lazy media-types that don’t want to bother taking the effort to file more substantive coverage of issues. At best, they’re a snap-shot of the mood of the electorate valid for a very short period of time, and with a very short shelf-life. And after three weeks, they become so rancid the neighbours will be complaining to the building manager about the possible rotting corpse across the hall in 2B.

Speaking of which, Sun Media, under Bryn Weese’s byline, published a one-source story last night that used a Leger poll to conclude the Liberal Party’s summer bus tour with Michael Ignatieff has failed, the Conservatives are on the cusp of a majority and everyone should just go home and spend the rest of the summer watching Bachelor Pad.

The Liberal Express summer bus tour has been a flop, according to a new Leger Marketing poll.

“The issue with Michael Ignatieff, prior to the summer, was that people really did not know who he was or what he stood for,” said Dave Scholz with Leger Marketing. “Now near the end of the summer tour, we’re finding that only 8% of people know more about him now than they did before. That’s a pretty small number.”

The numbers reported are all kind of surprising, since every other recent poll has shown a substantial tightening of the race, and forward momentum in most categories for the still somewhat embattled (but slightly-less) Liberal leader. But hey, perhaps, things have changed. After all, as Weese and Scholz made clear, this is a “new” poll conducted exclusively for QMI Agency (meet another QMI Agency, the CPC War Room — .ed).

After all, according to our research, “new” means having recently come into existence. New is also a song released by No Doubt in 1999 and a television station in Perth, but we’re 91 per cent certain that’s not what they’re getting at here.

Then again, maybe QMI was talking about the 2004 Tamil-language film “New” starring S. J. Suryaah, because scroll down to the end of the story and we see this:

The online survey of 1,500 Canadians over the age of 18 was conducted between Aug. 2 and Aug. 4 and is accurate to ±2.5%.

And they finally got around to publishing this new poll when? August 20, or some 18 days after the polling period begin, and 16 days after it ended. Sure, that may not seem too new to you or I, but this is the first chance QMI has had to publish the story: there has been way too much breaking Victoria’s Secret supermodel news. Priorities, don’t you know.

Still, to report a poll nearly three weeks old as new/s and pretend its assumptions are still valid, AND to use it to draw conclusions on a summer tour that won’t even end for another few weeks, AND was only a few weeks old when this poll actually was taken … well, perhaps they should just stick with lingerie reporting.


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