Ezra, it’s called a paragraph

If we seriously tried to pick apart every ridiculous column published by Ezra Levant in Sun Media papers, this blog’s name would have to be changed to Levant Watch.

So let’s just assume that, unless you hear otherwise, they’re all ridiculous.

We did not, however, want to let his burka column from the weekend go without comment.

It was a very jarring column for us to read.

And not just for the content.

No, it was jarring because nearly every sentence had its own paragraph.

Like this.

Annoying, isn’t it?

It’s like Ezra’s editor told him his article needed to be one page long, and he only had half a page worth of things to say.

He could make the font bigger, but it would look funny compared to the other articles.

Ditto if he double-spaced it, the other favoured trick of perennial C-students.

Then he hit upon the perfect solution: every sentence is a new paragraph.

Don’t blame Ezra, he just doesn’t know any better.

It makes us wonder though, did Kory fire all his copy editors or does QMI’s decision to not care about journalism anymore also extend to grammar?


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Checking facts and reporting bias in the reportage of the Conservative Party's official media wing.
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