QMI’s Lilley & Weese reveal “news” the National Post passed on weeks ago

QMI’s Brian Lilley and Bryn Weese are trumpeting their latest “exclusive” today:

QMI Agency can reveal that neither airlines nor security services are asking Muslim women to lift their veils and prove that the face beneath matches their photo ID.

The issue came to light through a video taken by Mick Flynn of Bradford, England. Flynn was boarding a flight at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport when he witnessed two women with their faces covered board an Air Canada Heathrow bound flight without being asked to remove their veils.

Couple of things here, lads. For one, this “news” and accompanying video have been circulating on the Web for weeks now, and on the sorts of sites you’d think reputable media organizations wouldn’t want to be associated with. Taking your lead from the baiters at “Jihad Watch” are we, QMI? (Apparently the evil-doers are also infiltrating the Boy Scouts, so watch for that story in your Sun paper Monday.)

Second, even the semi-reputable Canadian media has beaten QMI to this story by weeks. Yes, on July 17 the National Post’s Full Comment blog posted an entry by Lawrence Solomon that featured this video. After a few hours though, it was deleted. Likely because the story was completely lacking in news value and, much like the video itself (don’t you just love the supposed to creep you out Ismamic soundtrack?) the comments the story was attracting were borderline, if not overtly racist.

You can find a discussion thread on the Post post, and how the video is complete nonsense, on this message board for frequent Air Canada flyers. They also raise the issue of whether this video (featured prominently in the QMI story), filmed in Quebec without the consent of the featured parties, may violate that province’s privacy laws. What say you, leagal beagles?

A story on “the Islamic menace” so over the line and lacking in journalistic merit that even the National Post decided to use its better judgement on and not publish? Thank goodness we now have Kaptain Kory and Fox News North to fill the gap and lower the standards.


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  1. saskboy says:

    You have a big job ahead of you.

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